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Images of America: Kentucky's Packhorse Librarians

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Set in the Alaskan wilds, the Iditarod is one of the most extreme races on the planet. As the musher and leader of a high-powered dog sledding team, choosing the right dog is just the first of your important decisions. From there, each choice you make will affect whether you come in first, fifth, last, or not at all. YOU CHOOSE how this adventure ends.



Images of America: Chesterfield

Arcadia Publishing

Arriving in 1815 by boat at Howell's Landing off the Missouri River was Chesterfield's founder, Col. Justus Post. Chesterfield, Missouri, is a distinct city because it did not grow from a single "named community" like most. It was once six separate towns, each with its own post office. The history of these communities and families that lived in them interweave to make a remarkable story that still lives on in the city of Chesterfield.

Sins and Virtues: Anthology #11


My contributions:



Saturday Writers offers up their award winning stories, essays, and poems from 2017. Writing to prompts from "The Seven Deadly Sins & Seven Heavenly Virtues," this is a collection of the best of the best. 

Writing Sensibly: Anthology #10


My contributions:




"Save Our Souls"

"Cold As Death"



The 2016 anthology from Saturday Writers covers stories alluding to the five senses, plus a couple of others. This is a collection of the winners for the year's contests.




Elements in Writing: Anthology #9


My Contributions:


"The Great Race of Mercy"




"The Refuge"


"The Rock on the Bay"

This work includes some of the best short stories, essays, and poetry from the Saturday Writers group for 2015. All items are winning entries for their "Elements in Your Writing" contests. Visit their website at for more information.


Under the Surface: Anthology #8


My contributions


"Goodbye, My Love"


"Vino Noir"



Saturday Writers has been a chapter of The Missouri Writers Guild since 2002. The theme for their 2014 anthology was "Putting Emotion into Your Writing". The stories, poems, essays and memoirs in this collection were selected as the best of the best from the years submissions.         






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